DOE_Infographic_Section05We know that you are increasingly looking for candidates with experience and practical skills learnt outside the classroom; according to a report from McKinsey, almost *40 per cent of employers say a lack of skills is the main reason for entry-level vacancies.

We also know that you are not always thinking of the Award during selection and interviews. So we have launched the ‘Award Holders at Work’ campaign to encourage Award operators around the world to work with their local employers to look out for the Award during the recruitment process.

So join our Award Holders at Work campaign and commit to recognising, recruiting and supporting young recruits with Awards during the recruitment process. Download Details HERE

By participating in the Award, young people improve their readiness for work, developing skills that are desirable for employers like you.

Our Awardees employability skills include: Communication, Teamwork; Problem Solving, Initiative; planning; Time management; Active Learning


“The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global mark of achievement. Wherever in the world young people may have participated, I know that they will have learned first-hand about teamworking, respect, excellence and courage – values that BP holds dear.”

Dev Sanyal, Executive vice president & group chief of staff, BP