Funding Assistance

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia may be able to provide financial support to individual Participants and Award Units in supporting young people to undertake and complete the Award.

Current funding programs are outlined below:

Disadvantaged Youth Project Funding for Project Delivery Partners – For larger groups (minimum of 25 Participants)

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia has received funding from the Federal Government to substantially increase the number of Award Participants undertaking and completing an Award, who are considered disadvantaged and/or disabled (see Guidelines for eligibility criteria).

Total Funding will be expended over 3 years from late 2015 – June 2018, with all project funding to be allocated according to the Guidelines below. The Award is seeking to support between 250 and 350 youth to commence and complete the Award every six months with a total support of approximately 1500 youth, over the three year period.

The Award will be working with both new and existing Award Units and partner organisations in allocating this funding. Established Award Units will be especially encouraged to apply in order to enable them to significantly expand their outreach.

We are seeking applications from Award Units and Project Delivery Partners that can introduce and manage groups of 25 – 50 Participants (these can be split by the organisation/Award Unit into several sites if relevant). Funding can be for one year or multiple years but must be for new registrations only.

Small groups working with high need youth eg youth living with a severe physical or intellectual disability may apply for project funding as a Project Delivery Partner regardless of group size.

Eligible Award Units are invited to apply for funding, with the funding sought per Participant inclusive regardless of how the organisation wishes these to be allocated eg. Award registration, activity expenses and staff or carer support.

Guidelines and application details are available HERE or contact your State or Territory Award Office for further information.


Award Financial Assistance – For individuals or smaller groups (less than 20 Participants)

Participants who require financial assistance for Bronze, Silver or Gold Award registration and or activity support will need to apply using the Application for Financial Assistance Form.

Application details are available HERE or contact your State or Territory Award Office for further information.

Applications can be made at anytime.