Technology has helped us humans communicate easier, do tasks faster and allowed us to create things that was previously only possible in our dreams. We can see technology being used in our day to day lives. We have completely become reliant on our smartphones for everything. From ordering pizza for dinner to asking Google the answers for every question we have. We even know people who are on their phones 24/7.

It’s safe to say that we’re living in the future. Our dependency on technology has become more apparent more than ever. We see it every day on the news and on television. Technology is definitely changing children’s capabilities and are opening more opportunities for them.

Kids with devices in schools

One platform that enables them to express themselves freely is YouTube. As a matter of fact, Youtube has over 1,300,000,000 users. You’ll never run out of content to see with over 81,941,760 that’s dedicated to entertaining, helping and educating its audience. The platform has enabled a number of young people to experiment with different gadgets such as their smartphones, laptops and now, drones. Now, regular people can go on Youtube, upload their content for the world to see and attract a following that creates an income for them. These followers are not only watching the videos but they are also allowed to interact with the content creators using the help of technology.

Technology has also made certain gadgets needed to film certain scenes easier for aspiring directors and movie makers by introducing the drone. In the past, shooting bird’s eye view scenes were only done with the help of a helicopter, a team of camera men and producers and a very heavy and complicated camera. Today, with the help of a drone and a tablet, and the ease of using quadcopter controls, anyone can shoot an amazing bird’s eye view shot of the city to add to their vlog.

Even selfies are now taken using drones! If you’ve seen the latest selfie gadgets, they are essentially drones which are created specifically to take pictures of the people who are flying them. Some drones such as the Mavic can take selfies using gestures, whilst others have controllers which integrate directly with your phone.

Rest assured that the next big thing teenagers are going to be using will be selfie drones.


High quality cameras have also become more affordable for anyone who’s aspiring on becoming a movie maker. Movie editing programs have become also more user-friendly and cheap or sometimes free for anyone to use. All these advances in technology are making people’s dreams easier to attain and more people are getting encouraged to work on their craft. Aside from Youtube, Google is also available for people all around the world. It holds all the information anyone could ever need. So if you ever get stuck on a project or a problem, you could simply go and ask Google and you’ll see tutorials and how-to’s to help you solve your problem.

There is no doubt that technology is quickly changing how the youth experiences the world. They are open to use resources that weren’t available 20 years before. We are now able to see places without leaving the comfort of our homes. With the support of parents and the community, the youth of today can uncover even more of their potential so it’s up to us to encourage them to use the tools that are available to help them succeed in life. The world can definitely keep its eye out for the amazing possibilities that can happen. With so much information and technology available for everyone, one can expect amazing things for the future.

The Duke of Edinburgh award encourages the use of technology to progress with the different phases of the award – by using technology, we are preparing our kids for their own future.