How you can support the delivery of the Award

There are several ways in which you can support our work. Take a look at the options below to see what suits you best or download our Supporter Information Pack here.

  • Ambassadors

    The Duke of Ed Ambassadors are both leaders and grass-root members of the community who use their talent, position and/or network to promote the value, …

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  • Sponsors & Supporters

    The Award is largely self funding in Australia with any grant support gratefully received from state/territory/federal government being typically directed to specific high need or …

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  • Special Projects

    Supporting Major Development and National Projects Our Special Projects fund was established to extend the reach of the Award, particularly to young people considered to …

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  • Alumni

    When you complete a Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award you instantly become an important part of The Duke of Edinburgh Alumni Community. In the past …

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  • Charter for Business

    The Charter for Business is the Award’s corporate support group. Charter for Business members pledge $10,000 pa for 5 years. All the funds are used to for …

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  • World Fellow

    The World Fellowship aims to provide a stable financial foundation for the development of the International Award throughout the world. Through its support, the World …

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